Does your diet have a positive effect on hair growth?

✓ True!

80% of capillary fibers are composed of amino acids, so that’s why it’s fundamental to include sources of amino acids in your diet, like vitamins and proteins. Meat, eggs, fish and cheese all help with hair growth.

Mixing shampoo birth control works?


Mixing these two together doesn’t work at all as the hormones present in birth control are not absorbed by shampoo.

Frequent trims or haircuts help hair grow?


Hair grows, on average, at .4 inches per month. Trimming the tips helps eliminate dry ends but this alone doesn’t help hair grow.

The phases of the moon influence hair growth?


It hasn’t been scientifically proven that having your haircut during the crescent moon or other phases has any effect on hair growth.

Does your hair grow faster in the summer?

✓ True!

The sun stimulates hormones that help hair grow faster.



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