Square face

Usually characterized by a large forehead and prominent chin, try a medium to long cut to smooth out your features. Side layered cuts go well, as they soften the lines of the face. Bangs can help create a more harmonized look as well.

Round face

This face type is shorter and wider than oval. Be careful with a lot of volume, which can create a wider appearance. Ideal length is below the chin. A long, choppy bob with side bangs is a great look.

Oval face

Forehead and chin are the same distance. Women with oval faces hit the hairstyle jackpot, as any cut goes well with this face type. If this is you, try something adventurous or just go with the flow and stick with whatever’s trendy.

Triangle face

Wider forehead and smaller, accentuated chin. Best bets are longer cuts in the front coupled with longer bangs, especially if chopped. Chin length styles are a sure winner!




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